About Our Tandoors

A tandoor is a traditional clay oven. Long ago, when we as a species lived in small huts, cooking was done communally in a large central oven. These were often earth ovens, pits dug into the ground and filled with smoking and smoldering wood. As we became more mobile, these ovens were lifted out of the ground and made smaller so that a family might even have one of their own. And now the tandoor steps into the picture. Heated just like the earth ovens of old, tandoors were smaller and more portable (though still not terribly easy to transport).

The concept is simple: a clay vessel is insulated, then wood or coals are burned inside at the bottom. When lidded, the container can reach astonishing temperatures (300-500 degrees). Meats, and veggies are cooked inside on skewers while breads are often slapped directly onto the clay walls.

Cold air intake at the bottom of the vessel creates a convection current inside. As it hits the coals, that air warms up, becomes less dense and circulates up inside the cylinder. The air previously at the top has had some time to cool down and falls back to the coals. Convection heat is energy transferred through currents, in this case air currents. Slowly the clay begins to absorb and emit some of that ambient, circulating, insulated heat (a process known as radiation). With just a few resources it is possible to build a strikingly efficient convection oven, something you might pay for dearly in modern kitchen design.

With the pizza oven or tajine on top, these ovens are about more than just pizzas and tajines. Not only can they bake beautiful breads, turn out golden vegetables and melt-in-the-mouth stews, but cooking next to an open fire brings out unique flavours in every dish.

Cooking in these ovens forces you to slow down, to reconnect with food and work with nature. These ovens bring friends and family together and get you outside in all seasons.

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MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS make their own Tandoors using our Tandoor Clay Liners. We provide the heart of the Tandoor for you to build in to your own restaurant or back garden

HOW TO USE our Tandoor Clay Liners to create a YARD OVEN